Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm still here...just BEHIND!!!!!

Well, those stealing moments sure have gotten me into a heap of mess now! I have the tendency to be a bit ADD, so I shouldn't let myself get sidetracked on a 'small' project when I've other big ones at hand. I tend to forget about the big ones and dive deep into those little ones. So, suffice to say that I'm now back on track but working like mad trying to make up some serious ground.

I'm sewing like crazy to get the last dog bed out the door. It's nearly halfway done but I'm still sewing! I'm afraid I'm going to have to lower my price so the customer won't feel shafted for my taking so long. Oh well, the price of doing your own thing, Michelle. Also in the works are orders for five trash items, a set of baby booties for my friend Christi, and the rest of Brad's boxer shorts. Oh, I've been distracted so long that I forgot to post the result of my Valentine's Day boxer short experiment!

This the front as modeled by my dress form. They DO NOT fit me/her nearly as well as they fit him!

And the rear...you can see what I'm talking about here. Unfortunately, they were too short for him but they seemed to fit everywhere else. So, I'm taking more guy appropriate fabric and making more for him. I'm really proud of these! But, the next ones have to have the fly open to the correct side as I managed to goof that up too! I also promised to try to hem his pants for him. I'll let you know how it goes.

I managed to squeeze in a bag for my sister for her trip to Brazil. I don't have pictures of it yet as it was a mad dash to get it to her before she boarded the plane, but there will be plenty to come when she returns if the bag is still in one piece by then. I'm sure it will hold, but the swiftness in which I sewed it makes me nervous that I didn't spend the extra time making sure everything would sustain a trip abroad. It is mad cute, however! This also is quite a source of pride. It was constructed from a pair of my grandmother's shorts and a t-shirt I found at the thrift store. It's too cute for words so I'll just leave it at that until I can get some pictures to say it all!


guyb said...

can we have a picture of him modelling them?

Michelle said...

LMAO! Oh...what I wouldn't give to see that one! I'm afraid you're going to have to try that one for yourself; he's a bit camera shy when he's just down to his pants.

Can you believe he didn't even keep them on for longer than a minute? You'd wear them right, Guy?