Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stealing moments

Good morning, all!
Sorry if you've been keeping up and you feel slighted because I didn't post yesterday. Nothing much happened. I dragged my zombie self to work early because my boss is out on vacation. I expected another day from hell but it was fairly quiet. That's a good and bad thing. Good because I'm not sure how I would have handled the day being so tired but bad because I didn't have anything really good to complain about except that I was tired. Ha, ha.

I've been busy stealing a few ME moments lately. I organized our bedroom closet this weekend as we desperately need the space. I also bought a pegboard and white board to help get my sewing room more organized and I've been thinking about adding a new shelving unit to increase fabric storage space. I'd been wanting a stool so I could sew and use my laptop on the cutting table and I remembered that my grandfather had bar stools he weren't using anymore. I snagged one this weekend and I finished recovering the seat last night. Viola! A new chair! I really like how it turned out and hope that it helps brighten the mood of the room and inspires my creativity!

I also made a new bed for Miss Hunnie. I made her a cot this time instead of the pillow type. I bought some pvc pipe at the home improvement store and constructed a frame. Then, I sewed rubber sheeting between an old sheet I had and stretched it over the frame. I had to try out a few different methods for keeping the cover on the frame as Miss Hunnie seems to be a bit porky these days! Ha, ha. So far, so good; she seems to love it. Maybe I just found myself a new protype to offer customers?

I hope to be adding more items to my store soon. I've got some things floating in my head for V-day but have yet to get them started. Stay tuned....

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