Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chasing that dream just got more 'interesting'

Hello all!

Today, chasing that dream of mine gets a bit more 'interesting' as I'm starting a blog! I've always needed someone to talk to about anything and what better way to get those thoughts and feelings out of my head than to tell a bunch of strangers? Hopefully, in the coming months, you won't stay just strangers, however. So, welcome!

Let me just say that this adventure of starting your own business, while exciting and rewarding, is quite the little pill to swallow. I've always been one to plan for months before doing anything and now I feel like I've been pushed out the door without remembering to get dressed first. I know as time goes on and I become more comfortable with what I'm doing that things will eventually get easier.

Let me introduce myself. Bless your hearts, you've gotten two paragraphs into my rant without me telling you anything about me. My name is Michelle. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I always wanted to sew but didn't have any proper training or even a sewing machine. Well, my mom had one that I borrowed once but she barely used it and I'm not sure she really showed me how to use it. I did manage to get a quilt sewn, horribly I might add, for my sister one year for Christmas. Jen, do you even use that thing? Did you ever? Anyway, I really started to get the itch to sew again last year and one day, I just went to Walmart and bought a machine. I, of course, had to research every machine available for sale before buying one so I guess stating that I just went out and got one is misleading. In any event, I've been unstoppable ever since then.

The first thing I made was curtains for my house. It seemed easy enough and I'm awfully proud of how they turned out. The best thing was how people reacted when they saw what I'd done with virtually no instruction at all. I have since learned that this appreciation is what I thrive on and it keeps me sewing for more. I've done tons of things since then and people are still amazed at what I can do.

Not being happy with my current form of employment (I'm an architect), I decided that I'd try to see if I can make this sewing thing a business. So, I launched an online store on Etsy (, decided on my business name (Runningdownaseam), got an email address (, and now I'm blogging all in the hopes of making it big or at least moderately sized for a one-girl operation.

The love of my life, Brad, has been very instrumental in encouraging my business as he's responsible for my first commission job and possibly a second. Keep up the good work, honey. You're the greatest!

So welcome again! I hope you find this journey of mine into creative bliss as exciting and rewarding as I hope it'll be for myself! If you're interested in items I've made or are currently working on, please visit my Flickr page ( ). Or, if you'd like to see what I've got for sale in my store, please visit my Etsy page (see the like above). I also do custom orders so if you've got something in mind that you're looking to have made, please don't hesitate to drop me an email (see above) so we can discuss. I will be adding direct links from here to each of these so stay tuned.

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