Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"...thank you for reading and please forgive my absence..."

For those of you who are wondering what in the devil has happened to me....I've been officially eaten alive by the whole wedding planning process! I knew how stressful it seemed but I certainly did NOT know how stressful it actually is! Yoga is helping. I've started taking a yoga class and the stress/tension relief I get from it is amazing! For those of you who struggle with stress, I highly recommend you find something to help you let it go. I feel so relaxed when I leave. I have to say, it probably is doubly helpful that I'm actually exercising rather than coming home stressed to sit in front of the tele.

For those of you who are even the slightest bit interested, here is my list of accomplishments regarding the wedding thus far:

Location, Date, & Time - Set
Attendants - check
Minister - check
Photographer - check
Jewelery - in the process of being made
Invitations - ordered FINALLY!!!
Sound system for music & ceremony - check
Music - being collected and organized
Bridesmaid dress - check
The suits for the guys- check

These are the items still lacking but which need to be decided on very soon:

Tables, Chairs, Dinnerware
Hair & Accessories including the veil

I have a dress but I'm unsure if I'll be wearing that one the day of. It's a nice dress but I'm on the fence still as to whether I LOVE it. A quick look at other options won't kill me but might break the budget...more on this later.

I need to make some mock up decorations so I can convince my mother that I can save money and keep it tasteful. Now the problem is where I'll find the time to do this? Brad and I are hoping to get some food tasting in this weekend so perhaps we can settle on a caterer soon.

That's the skinny...and pretty much my life at the moment. SO, thank you for reading and please forgive my absence if I don't post for awhile. I hope you can understand that my priorities have shifted slightly until after June 7th!

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